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Episode 52

Published on:

9th Mar, 2023

Episode 51

Published on:

8th Feb, 2023

Episode 50

Published on:

21st Jan, 2023

Episode 49

Published on:

5th Dec, 2022

Episode 48

Published on:

25th Nov, 2022

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Green Jumper
Stories from the Brian Clough era
The official Brian Clough tribute podcast by youngman@brianclough.com.

Great guests, memories and stories from the Brian Clough era.

Plus competitions with the chance to win exclusive Cloughie prizes make this podcast series In The Top One.

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Marcus Alton

I'm the editor of the tribute website brianclough.com and author of several books about the Miracle Manager. I was also the driving force behind the campaign for a bronze statue of Brian Clough in Nottingham and spearheaded the efforts to get a knighthood, presenting a petition at 10 Downing Street.